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arpampahi, where i can download compiled neso 2.4 for windows, the link at the download page is not working00:37
arpampathis is the link not working
arpampathank you cedk, i will wait to the problem is fixed00:42
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scrapperhello trytons, is it already possible to do bulk "Post" in account module for moves? Or do I have to manually go through each move and press the "Post" button?09:05
scrapper(to switch from "Move - Draft - State" to "Move - Post - State".)09:06
shomonI have been trying to upgrade modules, and am now stuck in a loop. I just installed some stocktaking modules yesterday, but it resulted in an error: some modules were different versions or had dependencies which didn't work10:47
shomonso I upgraded trytond and have been since trying to run the database upgrade too10:47
shomonat the moment if I upgrade it either gives an error on the contract module, looking for ModelWorkFlow, or on the stock_supply module...10:48
shomonException: stock_supply_forecast unmet dependencies: ['stock_supply']10:49
shomonif I upgrade or try and uninstall stock_supply or stock_supply_forecast it just gives the modelworkflow error again :S10:49
cedkshomon: you must have only modules with the same 2 first version number11:33
scrapperno bulk convert from "Draft" to "Post" in account module for Tryton yet? :-(11:39
scrapperso account moves have to be set from "Draft" to "Post" manually.11:40
scrapperwhich is big action if you have errors go back to DB backup and have to redo this multiple times...11:41
cedkscrapper: patch is welcome11:43
cedkscrapper: I think a wizard could do the job11:44
scrappercedk: sure i know, we all give our best.11:44
scrappercedk: i am not sure if there is internet connection in prison, but if i can't finish my job here... maybe i can tell you in some weeks ;-)11:45
scrappercedk: but thanks for the tip with the wizard, maybe i can do this for finalising 2012.11:46
shomoncedk, thanks - what would you suggest to reset it somehow?11:50
scrappershomon: reinstall. or fiddle arround.11:51
cedkshomon: the simpler is to deinstall all and make a clean one11:51
scrappershomon: always backup your DB (+system)11:51
shomonoh no...11:51
shomoncan I get back to the database I have now?11:51
scrappershomon: if its not broken... yes11:52
scrappershomon: backup your postgresql DB.11:52
scrappershomon: and pray that your data is consistent.11:52
rhubnercedk: Hi!15:37
rhubnercedk: I'd like to talk about the points you suggested...15:38
cedkrhubner: yeps15:38
rhubnercedk: timeline much more smaller? what must be smaller?15:40
cedkrhubner: all, now it takes half of the screen15:40
rhubnerI would put a version today that the user can indicate the number of pages that want to see15:41
cedkrhubner: I repeat for me, timeline must apply on the group not record so there should have no pages15:42
rhubnercedk: But if it have many pages will get ugly, will not fit, regardless of the size scale...15:44
cedkrhubner: I find the HScale not working well for this purpose15:45
cedkin term of usability15:46
rhubnercedk: But what could I use it? I spent time on the scale, I thought I could improve it...15:48
cedkrhubner: it is up to you but we need something that eases to define a datetime15:49
cedkrhubner: also haing fixed point on the scale will not work when display on the list15:51
cedkrhubner: do you think you can make a HScale without fixed point, that scroll infinitly?15:55
rhubnercedk: But I thought I had made ​​the way you asked! Not to have pages... But when the scale reaches the limit, loads new dates16:01
cedkrhubner: what I just tested have pages16:02
cedkrhubner: you even put "Pages 1/2"16:02
rhubnercedk: but this is bad?16:04
cedkrhubner: for me, I find it weird16:04
cedkrhubner: what is weird, a timeline is based on time which is continuous and here it just has step16:05
rhubnercedk:I think I still doot understand, if you have many dates will not fit on one page... going to get ugly!16:05
cedkrhubner: there is no dates !16:06
cedkrhubner: time is infinite16:06
shomonif you were to set up tryton in development and production servers, what's the best setup? replication on the db, or just dump and import every so often?16:07
shomonalso to install modules, I wonder what's the best way that doesn't mess everything up :)16:07
cedkrhubner: do you understand when I say time is infinite?16:12
cedkrhubner: you can put any datetime in the context when reading a record16:13
rhubnercedk: Sorry... but i think not16:13
cedkrhubner: I could want to browse my records how they was a week ago16:13
cedkrhubner: display the revision is good but I think it has a better place in the record logs16:16
rhubnercedk: explain me how it would in scale ... I need an example to better understand16:16
cedkrhubner: and a timeline should not be limited to revisions16:16
cedkrhubner: I'm not sure a scale is the best tool to use16:17
cedkrhubner: I just want to see on the tab a place to put a datetime16:17
cedkrhubner: if it is via a Scale or a entry or what else, it is fine16:17
cedkbut it must be usable, easy to understand, userfriendly16:18
rhubnercedk: Add a combobox with all the dates of history would be good?16:21
cedkrhubner: no, I want to enter any date16:22
cedkrhubner: because it must apply on the list16:22
rhubnercedk: how the user will know what date to put?16:24
cedkrhubner: he will now because he knows what he is looking for16:24
cedkrhubner: and if he wants to see all the revision, the best place for me is the record logs popup16:25
rhubnercedk: And what kind of "list" you're talking about? Which gtk widget this could be?16:26
cedkrhubner: it is the list of records in Tryton16:26
cedkrhubner: for example, the list of parties16:26
rhubnercedk: What is the way to see them?16:29
cedkrhubner: to see what?16:30
rhubnercedk: the list os parties16:30
cedkrhubner: click in the menu "Party>Parties"16:32
cedkrhubner: to summarize, the goal is just to have a way to put a datetime in the context of a screen16:36
cedkrhubner: and also it will be better to see in the log popup, the revisions16:38
rhubnercedk: Do you think I can leave the scale and add a textentry user manually add a date?16:39
cedkrhubner: why not, but the scale have to behave more like a scrollbar (without fixed point)16:39
cedkrhubner: I'm not against the scale but it must be more flexible and fluid16:40
rhubnercedk: That I did not understand: "log popup" ... what is this?16:40
cedkrhubner: in any view, select a record, click on the form menu, "View Logs..."16:41
cedkrhubner: this popup could be improved and if the Model has history, we could show the revisions information16:42
cedkrhubner: bbl in 1 hour16:47
cedkrhubner: back17:30
rhubnercedk: ok17:30
rhubnercedk: I was thinking, how the user will know to put an exact date in the text input? datetime has milliseconds...17:33
gouri'm looking for adequate invoicing (quoting) app for our small 'business' (selling homeopathic/counselling services to the clients)...all what i found is web-based and/or PHP. for personal finances we use Gnucash but it's business-part can do only invoices (no quotes) and requires fiddling with Scheme. is Tryton overkill for our needs? is it easy to learn for someone familiar with python but no openerp17:34
gourexperience? (for our web needs we're moving/learning towards django)17:34
cedkrhubner: we don't care, he will put an approximation17:35
cedkgour: Tryton could be good for small business17:36
rhubnercedk: I understand...17:36
gourcedk: invoice module can be used for sending quotes as well?17:36
cedkrhubner: approximation is fine because trytond take the values from the closer in the past history17:37
cedkgour: you can use the "Pro-forma"17:37
gourcedk: does tryton do double-entry accounting as well (similar to Gnucash)?17:38
cedkgour: yes17:38
rhubnercedk: I think that I can do later this week (text entry)... But I was worried about changing the behavior of the scale ... I am the last week of coding17:38
gourcedk: that's means we can do our business-part books with it as well17:38
gouris it difficult to learn tryton to be able to customize/tweak it?17:39
cedkgour: you have to know Python17:40
gourcedk: ok. hsve to go afk. bbl17:40
rhubnercedk: what do you think about? i am worried about the time left..17:47
cedkrhubner: why not, but the scale must not have fixed point17:48
rhubnercedk: Ok .. I'll update the latest version I was working17:49
rhubnercedk: I don't know if it has how to add a non-fixed points on the scale. But I think that gives rise to the scale as the history grows and if it gets many dates, a scrollbar is turned on. did you understand?17:54
cedkrhubner: yes I don't know17:56
rhubnercedk: the problem is: I don't know if it will be done in time by the end of GSoC.17:58
cedkrhubner: we will see, it is not a real issue17:59
rhubnercedk: I think the text entry I can do this week, but the behavior of scale I think not17:59
cedkrhubner: better to have something not finish but in good way than something finished but not usable17:59
rhubnercedk: Only if I go back to work on the scale after the program...18:00
cedkrhubner: if it is not you, it will be someone else who will finish/polish18:01
rhubnercedk: I can keep working on it quietly later. This is not a problem for me18:02
rhubnercedk: But you think what I've done so far is enough to pass in the deadline of GSoC?18:04
cedkrhubner: I don't know, it is nicolas who decides18:05
rhubnercedk: I think that there's no way to leave non-fixed points on the scale ... Now it was complicated :(18:12
rhubnerI don't know how to do this...18:18
cedkrhubner: me neither18:18
rhubnercedk: I'll update the latest version and try to do something that you said. Anyway, Nicolas back on vacation after the deadline... I'll be without knowing if this is enough.18:21
rhubnercedk: do you think that no needs to show anything in the marks of the scale?18:25
cedkrhubner: no, if you have a datetime field18:25
rhubnercedk: if it have a text entry?18:26
rhubnercedk: I'll try to make a text entry with autocomplete... is this good?18:27
cedkrhubner: use the datetime widget from tryton/common18:27
rhubnercedk: ok... I'll try... thank you!18:29
rhubnercedk: Is not it strange to put all the dates on the scale without marks and labels? Your idea is not to use any information on the scale and move the cursor on the scale continuously or at least the marks without the labels to indicate each date?20:38
cedkrhubner: yes nothing on the scale because the datetime entry will have the info21:22
diegoMHi, my client want to have a default invoice's description (the sale's description). Is this a good idea?
rhubnercedk: when I add a date in the entry, it is interesting to move the cursor at the correct point on the scale? Yes, right?21:45
rhubnercedk: I think I can implement this change this week... is it easy to work with datetime widget of tryton.common? Is there any example using it?21:47
cedkrhubner: for moving, yes it will be good behavior21:48
cedkrhubner: for widget, it is an inherit of gtk.Entry21:49
rhubnercedk: is there autocomplete of date in this widget?21:50
cedkrhubner: not autocompletion but it allows only datetime values21:56
cedkrhubner: look at any Model that has a datetime fields to see it21:57
rhubnercedk: haaa ... I saw in account moves... this widget open a calendar... but the "hour" doesnt need?22:07
rhubnercedk: or when I add a date it selects the first record with that date regardless of the time?22:09
rhubnercedk: did you understand my question?22:09
rhubnercedk: the entry of date selects the first date matched?22:15

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