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iamnoobplantian: ping05:34
plantianiamnoob: hey05:34
iamnoobplantian:i keep having this application error.. and in having a hard time figuring whats wrong05:38
iamnoobplantian: here is the trace back error.. link:
iamnoobplantian: here my XML file .. link:
iamnoobi keep having that problem after i updated my version to 2.6 :( do you have any idea what i did wrong?05:42
plantianiamnoob: Maybe the icon was removed, try changin this to something else: icon="tryton-users"/>05:44
plantianiamnoob: maybe tryton-party05:45
plantianiamnoob: icon="tryton-party"/>05:45
iamnoobplantian: already tried tryton-users .. keep having that error too.. what i also cant figure out.. in the  official modules.. they are using "tryton-users" as icon.. and not having a problem05:47
iamnoobplantian: ill try tryton-party.. brb05:47
iamnoobplantian: no luck in "tryton-party" :(05:50
plantianWhat is the error now?05:53
plantianiamnoob: Did you update the module?05:53
iamnoobplantian: almost the same.. its Exception: ('ValidateError', u'The value "tryton-party" for the field "icon" is not in the selection')05:55
iamnoobplantian: actually im installing the module.. but failed to do so because i got this error05:55
plantianiamnoob: Are there any other errors about that error?05:59
plantianiamnoob: Randomly guessing over here, can you try: icon="tryton-tree"?06:06
iamnoobplatian: so far im only having this error..  been looking into the official modules for some clue why this keeps happening..06:06
plantianiamnoob: Maybe in order to use the party icon you have to depend on the party module.06:07
iamnoobplantian: sure ill try that one too.. thanks :)06:07
plantianbut I looked and the tryton-tree icon is in the ir module which you probably listing in your dependencies06:07
iamnoobplantian: oh.. do i have to also install the party module in order to use its icon? in starting from a clean database.. with no modules installed06:46
plantianiamnoob: well there are some built-in icons in the ir module which is part of trytond, so you'd have to try those06:49
plantianiamnoob: Did you try the tryton-tree icon?06:49
iamnoobplantian: it gives me another error. a diffrent one..  ill pastebin it so you can see06:52
iamnoobplantian: ill try to check the ir module.. see what i can use06:54
plantianiamnoob: What does you tryton.cfg file look like?06:56
iamnoobplantian: its like this .. [tryton] version=2.6.1 xml: Catalog.xml06:57
plantianiamnoob: that second error seems to be real, in your pasted xml you have a tree tag with a closing form tag06:59
iamnoobplantian:  i dont quit get what you mean.. can you tell me what line is it please?07:00
plantianiamnoob: also, you should list at least res and ir I think in the depends section of your tryton.cfg07:00
plantianiamnoob: line 28 a tree starts, but on line 31 a form tag closes the tree, ie. line 31 should be </tree>07:01
plantianiamnoob: in this file --
iamnoobplantian: oh! i see... ill change those part.. feed back you i a short while.. thanks!07:02
iamnoobplantian: it works! cool.. although again got new problem after it succefully instaled07:12
iamnoobplantian: ill to figure the new problem myself.. thanks plantian07:13
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iamnoobim having a list.index(x): x not in list   - this happens after i install my custom modele.. then after i try open it. anyone have an idea why i getting the error?  link:
plantianiamnoob: it looks like maybe you didn't paste the full traceback09:31
iamnoobplantian: hi.. i have updated the pastebin link :
iamnoobplantian: this happens after i installed my module.. then after i try to open it up..09:58
iamnoobplantian: found out the real problem.. thanks for the reply anyway :)10:27
iamnoobquestion here please.. how can i tell tryton to create the table in version 2.6?10:54
katrcedk: Hi! As to our conversation on saturday about invoices that are not saved to cache during confirmation.12:32
katrcedk: Should I file a bug report?12:32
cedkkatr: yes12:39
katrcedk: O.K.12:42
katrcedk: Should I provide a patch?13:07
cedkkatr: if you can13:12
katrcedk: Yes i can, but it will take some time until I migrate to 2.6.13:14
cedkkatr: don't understand13:16
katrcedk: I'm still working with 2.4. You want the patches against trunk or 2.6?13:24
katrcedk: The wiki answers my question: "Test your issue on the latest development version."13:31
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plantianIs it possible to override a classmethod with an instance method?  For example, if I were to override the ShipmentOut.assign_try classmethod.19:52
cedkplantian: no19:55
plantiancedk: okay, it seems to not really make sense to have assign_try apply to more than one shipment, if a single shipment in the list of shipments doesn't assign then all the shipments fail to assign19:59
cedkplantian: but as it is a button it must be a classmethod20:08
giedriushi guys21:34
giedriusis it just me, or move line reconciliation is not working for you too?21:35
giedriusi get error "AttributeError: 'account.move.reconcile_lines.writeoff' Model has no attribute 'journal': None", but when i check this object, i see that journal is defined on it :/ really strange21:36
rmugiedrius: got the same problem21:38
rmudidn't have time to report yet21:38
giedriusi guess it is trytond related and not trytond_account itself21:39
rmuit seems the field writeoff is not initialized to "None" but some instance that represents "None" but isn't21:40
rmui temporarily fixed it with a "try:" ... "except AttributeError" around those "if wizard.journal: "... lines where the error happened21:41
rmusorry to be vague ;-)21:41
giedriusthanks, it should be okay for quick workaround :)21:43
plantianJust to check my understanding of wizards, this method is not actually necessary right?
cedkgiedrius: for me, reconcile lines with writeoff works22:56
giedriuscedk: have you tried to reconcile lines without writeoff?23:04
cedkgiedrius: no23:05
giedriusseems that when lines are reconciled without writeoff, the StateView is not initialized, so it throws errors when trying to access self.writeoff.journal at transition_reconcile23:07
rmucedk: in my case, the error happens on this line:
rmucedk: with attribute error.23:17
rmucedk: i will file issue23:17
rmuprinting self.writeoff shows account.move.reconcile_lines.writeoff,None23:18
cedkrmu: I'm on it23:19
cedkrmu, giedrius:
rmucedk: i can test on weekend23:24
giedriuscedk: looks good23:27
rmucedk: i did also try the getattr-thing, but this "account.move.reconcile_lines.writeoff,None" does have a journal attribute, but accessing it did result in same error23:27
cedkrmu: don't understand23:32
rmucedk: nevermind. i will check on weekend. off to bed for today. thx23:33

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