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vezjakvcedk: hi, I noticed that you found duplicate translations in account and account_invoice. when I export them I again have these duplicates there. how to get rid of them? It seems using Set/Clean/Update Translations doesnot help, any tip?10:53
cedkvezjakv: run the query:
cedkvezjakv: and update the database to get the constraint11:31
cedkvezjakv: or just create a new database11:33
vezjakvcedk: thanks for the tip, it helps a lot. I have .po's that have been already exported with duplicates, making new db probably won't fit the best. updating existing db will do11:36
cedkvezjakv: be careful to always translate based on tip12:14
vezjakvcedk: yes, learned from recent attempts.12:15
vezjakvcedk: regarding website translation, is it possible to push into its repo? or, additional permission needed?12:16
cedkvezjakv: website is a little bit different, I manage it12:16
cedkvezjakv: so you can just send me the exported patches12:17
vezjakvcedk: ok, it's nikola based? I've tried a site recently, hope not to complicated to translate. let u know when some patches will be available12:18
cedkvezjakv: translation is done by duplicate the original file and append the language code in the name12:22
cedkvezjakv: we use a version number to ease the update12:23
vezjakvcedk: I see, :Version: field in the file12:25
vezjakvcedk: maybe 1 question re translation in ir module: each time I sync translations 2 translation records for selected lang (sl_SI) are cleared (recursion_error and selection_validation_error). What could cause this? I've tried fresh db, but no luck12:34
cedkvezjakv: find the problem for recursion_error14:04
cedkvezjakv: I don't find selection_validation_error, where do you see it?14:05
cedkvezjakv: do you mean selection_validation_record ?14:06
cedkvezjakv: fixed with
vezjakvcedk: ql, yes, I meant selection_validation_record, typo: (14:14
vezjakvcedk: is it possible to create locale/ dir for account_dunning_*?14:24
cedkvezjakv: yes hg doesn't care about directories14:31
vezjakvcedk: ok, good to know. thnx14:32
jvblascoguys i'm having some trouble using proteus with a user other than the tryton user in a system16:11
jvblascoi have issues, as far as i could understand connecting to the postgres16:12
cedkjvblasco: normal if you use trytond option16:12
jvblascocedk: what do u mean?16:12
jvblascocedk: and where can i configure that?16:12
cedkjvblasco: 2 options for proteus: trytond or xmlrpc16:13
jvblascocedk: didn't notice that. I read all the proteus code though16:13
jvblascocedk: is it configured in a config file, or when instantiating proteus?16:14
cedkjvblasco: config.set_trytond or config.set_xmlrpc16:15
jvblascocedk: that may be what's causing me that amount of trouble. I will need to review the code and check that.16:16
jvblascocedk: as always, i couldn't be more gratefull with all the help ;)16:16
jvblascoi did so it may use xmlrpc as backend and configured the xmlrpc protocol in the server17:01
jvblascowhat may be the URL i need to pass set_xmlrpc function?17:01
jvblascoi always get xmlrpclib.ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for admin:abes00@localhost:8069/try: 401 Unauthorized>17:01
jvblascothe url i've seen in the example in the wiki17:02
cedkjvblasco: unauthorized means something wrong with the authentication18:01
jvblascocedk: authentication against tryton?18:10
cedkjvblasco: trytond18:10
jvblascocedk: ok thnx18:12
jvblascocedk: Anyway just to know about it, how would i need to setup postgres to allow a system user other than tryton access it using config.set_trytond()?18:13
jvblascocedk: I tried with this: the alternative method in the page18:15
jvblascocedk: but it says that the database is not found18:15
jvblascocedk: it seems the user logs but cannot access the databases created by tryton user18:15
jvblascocedk: I also tried using the ident method mapping my user the tryton user with the same results18:18
cedkjvblasco: I think you have to give access to this new user for every table of the database18:18
jvblascocedk: The error i get with psycopg2 is that the database does not exist18:18
jvblascocedk: ValueError: Database Prueba not found18:19
cedkjvblasco: so also to the database18:19
cedkjvblasco: the best will be to ask to PostgreSQL guys18:19
jvblascocedk: what channel may i go for that?18:20
jvblascocedk: #postgres?18:20
cedkjvblasco: don't know18:20
jvblascocedk: ok, thnx18:21
cedkjvblasco: but from experiences, it is a lot of management18:25
jvblascocedk: I c. The problem is that i'm trying to make the tryton-pos-presik work with no luck18:32
jvblascomay i ask what database backend uses tryton-neso?19:56
Piloujvblasco: sqlite20:30
jvblascoPilou: Thnx ;)21:35

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