Tryton Foundation


The Tryton Foundation is a private foundation (Fondation Privée) formed under the Belgian law. It aims to protect, promote and develop Tryton as Free Software.


Please, visit our donations page to learn more about how you can help the Foundation to keep going and who has already supported us.


Tryton Fondation Privée
Rue de Rotterdam, 4
4000 Liège

Mission & Organization

What does the Tryton Foundation do?

The Tryton Foundation:

  • aims to develop and support conferences, meetings and community activities,
  • holds and administers the infrastructure
  • organizes the community of supporters,
  • manages and promotes the Tryton trademark.

How is the foundation organized?

In the spirit of democracy the foundation want to recognize everyone's work in Tryton. So a specific status is available for people or companies active in the community: the supporter status. This body of people represents the Tryton community and will have some power over the board of directors.

In order to manage the day to day duties of the foundation and the nomination of new members a board of directors has been appointed. They are currently:

  • Nicolas Évrard from Belgium,
  • Cédric Krier from Belgium
  • Jonathan Levy from United States of America,
  • Korbinian Preisler from Germany,
  • Pedro Luciano Rossi from Argentina.

The articles of association of the foundation foresee the role of managing directors and administration delegates, depending whether they are members of the board or not. The current directors/delegates are:

  • Cédric Krier from Belgium as Delegated Administrator,
  • Nicolas Évrard from Belgium as Delegated Administrator.

The complete articles of association of the Tryton Foundation and the official publication are available electronically.


Tryton® is a registered trademark of the Tryton Fondation Privée. Any third-party using the term "Tryton" must do so only to refer to the Tryton project, and not to refer to any other project or activity, unless the reference is unrelated to the Nice Classifications (9, 37, and 42) covered in the registration.