The Customer

BLUE BOX is an international distributor of hair care products based in Switzerland and Germany, selling products from great international brands. Customers are mainly hair stylists who then use and sell the products to their customers.

The Challenge

Blue Box Distribution was running a smaller Business Software system named boaTOOLS based on a 4th Dimension database. They wanted to upgrade to a system with more features, lower costs and which could be updated smoothly. The new business software needed to be able to deliver the following functionalities:

  • Party management
  • Product and stock management
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Purchases
  • Accounting (invoicing, bookkeeping)

The Solution

It was decided to use Tryton as the base platform. We identified that, to begin with, some minor custom functionality was needed. However, most of the functionality from the Tryton base platform and our Swiss extensions could be used without any alteration.

The Implementation

We designed a migration script to import the existing database data into the new Tryton system. Parties and products were transferred across and the layouts of reports were adjusted to match Blue Box's corporate identity. All the Mac computers were installed with the Tryton client and after some basic training, the users were able to get started.

In our experience we have found that it is a pleasure to work with the Tryton framework and that it provides a set of powerful APIs. This made it possible to easily connect the external PrestaShop webshop to Blue Box's new Tryton system.

As time passes, laws and banking standards change. With Tryton this hasn't been a problem. We were able to deliver continuous optimizations and new features like pain.001, pain.008 and camt.054 payment standards thanks to the great Tryton developer community working tightly together and sharing know-how and technologies.


The migration from boaTOOLS to Tryton has been a resounding success. Tryton has demonstrated that it is a robust and well-thought out framework. As the data in the system continues to grow Tryton remains fast and stable.

The implementation of the purchase, stock, sale and invoicing modules has structured the business processes and significantly improved the productivity of the whole company.


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