The Customer

Felber is a local producer and service provider for label stamps and signalisation products. It is a small company with only 4 employees.

The Challenge

It is important for all companies to be well run and organized. Small companies are no different, but they may not have the large budgets required for well known business software. Andy Felber, the owner of the company, was looking for business software that would help him organize and rationalize his company. In his business one of the major challenges was the huge amount of invoices that were for very small amounts. So for him speed was vital. He needed business software that was able to provide:

  • Party management
  • Product management
  • Fast invoicing
  • ePayment
  • Accounting (bookkeeping)

The Solution was chosen as it delivers a fast and easy to integrate SaaS solution based on the excellent Tryton framework. Custom modules were not needed as already incorporates all the features a company like Felber needs.

The Implementation

We designed a migration script to import some data from an existing database into the new Tryton system. Parties and products were migrated across to the new system and the layouts of reports were updated to match Felber's corporate identity. All the Mac computers were installed with the Tryton client, additional access rights were setup and after some basic training, the users were able to get started.


Tryton has demonstrated that it has all the features that are needed to run a company's day to day operations. The system is fast and accessible from the office, at home, and any other location with an internet connection.

For Felber choosing Tryton was the right choice. They have been successfully working with it for many years now, and are happy with it's cost-effectiveness.


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