The Customer

strawberries Grufesa SAT is one of the biggest berry exporters in Europe. Over the last 35 years millions of people from across Europe, Russia and America have consumed strawberries they have produced.

The Challenge

Grufesa needed a software tool that fitted their technological ecosystem, had the capacity to evolve and adapt at the same pace as their company, and provided great cost-benefits both in terms of economical and organizational effort. Furthermore, this tool had to cover other key requirements:

  • Mechanisms that facilitate robust and efficient integration with the rest of their technologies, including:
    • Payroll software
    • Presence Control by fingerprint checking
    • Presence Control by face checking
    • RFID traceability
    • Automated weighers and label printers
    • Business Intelligence tools
    • etc.
  • A way to improve their commercial processes
  • Accounting (customer invoices and payments only)
  • The need for a fast and precise settlement for members, as Grufesa is a farming cooperative
  • A tool that is adapted to the specific farming area, both at the process and legal level

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of the best available tools in the market, Grufesa finally adopted 4agro, based on Tryton and provided by Datalife. 4Agro meets Grufesa's requirements by combining adaptability with a comprehensive feature list for farming and agriculture. This was possible thanks to Datalife's knowledge of the agricultural sector.

The Implementation

The implementation started from the Tryton-4agro standard solution with new functionalities developed for this particular project (that were subsequently transfered to the 4agro standard), and include:

  • Integration with RFID traceability system
  • Fully adapted sales pipeline
  • Automatic new pallet registration at the end of the production lines
  • Accurate farmer payments system (due to the complex market model)
  • Developments to manage nurseries


Grufesa is very pleased with the outcome of the project and the continuous upgrades: Tryton was implemented quickly in a complex process scenario and the system fully covers all the processes in an intuitive and easy to use way.

Tryton can flexibly adapt its process management to fit a wide range of specific processes. This advantage lets Grufesa propose improvements that help evolve and improve Tryton 4agro.


Datalife has wide-ranging know-how in the agricultural sector and extensive experience with Tryton.