The Customer

LEGNA COMUNICACIÓN VISUAL, SRL is a company from the Dominican Republic dedicated to graphic design, digital printing and offset solutions but above all they are experts in large format printing. They are committed to satisfing their client's needs with respect to design, printing and placement of billboards. Currently they have 16 employees, 5 users in the office and 11 who work in production.

legna offices

The Challenge

The company was using Excel to manage sales and invoices but this was uncontrollable. They wanted to upgrade to a system with more features, lower costs for small and medium sized business (SME) and which could be customized and updated smoothly. The new business software needed to be able to deliver the following functionalities:

  • Customers/suppliers management
  • Product and stock management
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Accounting (invoicing, bookkeeping)
  • Tax Reporting
  • Analytic Statistics
  • Groups, Users and Audit System

The Solution

It was decided to use Tryton as the base platform. We identified that, to begin with, some minor custom functionality was needed to adapt the accounting and fiscal accounting to their needs. However, most of the functionality from the Tryton base platform and the extensions for Dominican Republic could be used without any issue.

The Implementation

We developed a migration script to import the existing data into the new Tryton system. Report layouts were adjusted to match the customer's corporate identity and satisfy the Dominican Republic's fiscal rules and regulations. The desktop client was installed on all the Mac and Windows computers. The web client was also installed. After some basic training, the users were able to use Tryton as the company's new managment system.


A Legna computer using Tryton The migration from Excel to Tryton has been a complete success. Tryton has shown that it is an excellent solution for companies that need a standard accounting and business management system. With some light customization it was easy to get it to work perfectly for LEGNA COMUNICACIÓN VISUAL, SRL.

The use of the purchase, sale, stock and invoicing modules has structured the business processes and significantly improved the productivity of the whole company.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the project and the continuous upgrades. The system fully covers our processes and it is easy to use.

LEGNA COMUNICACIÓN VISUAL, SRL is very happy with the Tryton system and is already looking forward to the next version.


INROWGA is the provider which helped the customer with the full Tryton implementation.