The Customer

online-parapharmacy Mifarma is one of the most important parapharmacies in Europe and currently is the market leader in Spain. It is part of the Atida Group and it also has a presence in other countries such as Portugal, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2010. It has 120 employees and sells more than 30,000 different products from a range of 800 brands.

The Challenge

Mifarma was in need of an ERP that was capable of integrating with their web shop, managing the operations of a large company and also standing up to the critical aspects of a highly competitive sector in which the main objective is to process the maximum number of orders. In short they were looking to:

  • Optimize provisioning
  • Streamline order delivery
  • Improve integration with automated locations
  • Notify real time stock availability to the web shop
  • Integrate with logistics operators

The Solution

After an evaluation process, Mifarma selected Tryton as their main software tool. This decision provided:

  • A complete ERP that allows the staff to control every area of the company.
  • A framework which can be developed and adapted to incorporate new business processes and which is easy to integrate with other systems.
  • A 100% open source solution: The DevOps team got a tool that can be modified, extended or adapted by themselves therefore winning autonomy.

The Implementation

Once the standard ERP and the integration with the web shop was deployed, additional improvements were addressed, in accordance with Mifarma’s specific needs, these included:

  • The integration between Tryton and a Big Data analytics service that uses deep learning to help provisioning and purchase request creation
  • Apps for the warehouse staff which provide more agility and flexibility: In order to process each order, an App helps personnel find the stored products
  • Tryton is integrated with System Logistics’ Modula in order to automatically serve the products needed during order preparation
  • Communications with logistics providers are automated by integrating Tryton with their platforms


The outcome is that Mifarma trusts Tryton and is very pleased with the results. The high level of control and automation achieved allows for a scenario that only very few systems can obtain.