The Customer

The ALS society in Switzerland helps and cares for people suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The society also provides support for relatives and friends of people suffering from this progressive life-limiting illness.

The Challenge

In order to provide support to people affected by ALS, the ALS society needs to raise money from donations. These fundraising activities, and the general day to day operations of the ALS society, lead to administrative work that needs to be organized and managed. So the ALS society was looking for business software that was able to handle the following tasks:

  • Party management
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Donation management
  • Rental of support material
  • Accounting (bookkeeping)

The Solution

It was decided that Tryton would be ideal as the base platform as it could be easily extended with the custom functionality that the ALS society needed. So a standard Tryton system was extended with a rental module and a complete donation management system including confirmation letters. Tryton's flexibility allowed the donation management system to be tightly integrated with the rest of the system and with Tryton's standard bookkeeping features.

The Implementation

Existing parties and donations from previous years were migrated into the new Tryton system. All the Windows computers were installed with the Tryton client and after some basic training, the users were able to get started.


Tryton has demonstrated that it is an excellent framework for developing custom business systems. It allows advanced features to be easily integrated into the system in a cost effective way.

The implementation of the donation and bookkeeping functionality significantly improved the ALS society's productivity. They are now finding that they can concentrate on getting the donations they need to support all their patients and people who rely on their help.


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