Success Stories


A stamp and signalisation company.


Consulting in developing countries and emerging economies.

Wenger Energie

A provider of vacuum degassing and filter systems.


A provider of spare parts for machinery.

Advocate Consulting Legal Group

A legal firm servicing the general aviation industry


Leading online parapharmacy.

ALS Swiss

A society for people suffering ALS disease.


Exports strawberries in Europe.

Blue Box Distribution

An international distributor of hair care products.


Software for veterinary clinics that deal with small domestic pets and larger farm animals.


Graphic design, digital printing and offset solution company


A Medical Mutual Society from Buenos Aires.

Expertise Vision

Produces vision based systems.


Software Solution for genomic world.


Installs and maintains lifts and elevators.

Skoda Autohaus Zeidler

A German car dealership and workshop for Skoda.

Institut Mèdic per la Imatge

Provides all kinds of MRI scans, nuclear medicine and bone densitometry.

Banque Française Mutualiste

A French bank for the public service.

Cultural Commons Collection Society

Collects and distributes music royalties.

Sinclair Containers

Sells and rents containers.

Lackierzentrum Reichenbach

Produces surface coating for automotive, aerospace, construction and mechanical engineering.

MenschensKinder Teltow

Operates municipal day care centers and parent-child groups.

La Cave Thrace

Imports and distributes wine in France.

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