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The main driving force behind Tryton. Specialists in design, architecture and implementation of Tryton modules as well as advanced core features. B2CK also provides support for new or existing Tryton installations.

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A company providing consulting and information technology services with experience implementing products and computer tools.

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A group of professionals with extensive experience in the world of free software that decided to form this company. To do this we created a work cooperative dedicated to the development and implementation of systems with free tools. gcoop is a solutions company that provides custom development, consulting, support, migration and system audits. Since 2011 we have worked with the Tryton system and have contributed to this community.

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power solutions

Since 2012 we have offered Tryton cloud servers that you can easily rent (SAAS). We offer consulting, integration, extension and support for Tryton solutions. Also check out

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Lava Lab Software

An Australian based company specialising in the development of business specific solutions and services for a range of industries using open source software. Our best asset is our experience and understanding in developing web based business management solutions. Our team is focusing on implementing solutions based on Tryton and are continuously developing modules and custom developed software to suit a range of industries including equipment hire, property management and e-commerce.



With its roots in cross-platform publishing. The company provides services around Ubuntu/Windows server management and web services. m-ds has versatile experience in Python development and a special competence in Zope/Plone. Since 2015 three projects with Tryton were implemented: First was the migration of our own "home-made" IT business solution to Tryton. Second was the development of a POS for a bookshop with gross prices (essential for German bookshops). A third project is a still growing solution for kindergartens. Tryton has become a core competence of m-ds.

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Provides an open source software package that is fully dedicated to Life Insurance back-office activities. Leveraging Tryton technical and cross-business features, our R&D team built a vertical open source solution based on a rule engine and a business process management, providing to the market a highly flexible tool to manage their activity.

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Virtual Things

An active promoter of the Tryton development since the early stages. We offer support for the consulting, planning and integration phases as well as customizing and special module development.

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A service company with the aim of promoting the use of the free software in companies. Specialist in integration of Tryton we offer consulting services, coaching, and development of functionality around the solution.

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Implementation of ERP systems with free licensing; Tryton ERP and GNU Health. Integral Implementations of ERP Solutions, from the functional and technical perspective, we develop customized modules.

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Kopen Software

A company focused on delivering Tryton to our customers. We provide hosting, support, custom development and training services. Our team is involved with Tryton: we are committed to contribute new features to each version and we are very active on the forum discussions. This commitment give us a comprehensive knowledge of Tryton which we use to provide the best solutions for our customers.

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A consulting company focussed on free software for the enterprise. SISalp provides the following services to Tryton French users: Cheap hosting and First level support to end users, Project management and Requirements qualification. SISalp leverages Tryton community expertise and promotes services from the best contributors.

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First Telecom

One of the few real ICT companies and thus is almost equally active in Telecommunications as in IT/Software development. We devote a significant amount of our time in screening and selecting best of breed Open Source projects (such as Tryton) with a strategic, sectorial focus and then dedicate a fair share of our "brains" in developing add-on or even bespoke solutions around them, that will improve and facilitate our customers’ experience maximizing their professional agility.

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A Spanish company with an experienced team of software engineers that provides IT solutions and consulting for a wide range of companies. We have a deep knowledge of the agriculture sector and provide our vertical software "4agro" based on Tryton. Our business is driven by three guidelines: engineering (using the best techniques and practices), improvement (constantly keeping our professionals updated in the latest technologies) and services (ensuring high-quality services).

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Specialized in implementation, development and support services on Open Source ERP solutions like Tryton. We work for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries whose needs are mainly production, warehouse and project management. We like to be involved and contribute to the open source projects we work with, and we aim to be the link between end users and the project.

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