The Customer

Wenger Energie GmbH offers corrosion protection for heating and cooling systems built into private and industrial buildings. They clean the "heating water" and the "cooling liquid" with ultra fine filter technology and prohibit corrosion by using vacuum degassing. This is a sustainable solution for new and old buildings. No pollution of the "heating water" and a 13% faster heating / cooling transfer makes the heating systems last longer. Wenger Energie offers consulting, sales, installation and servicing for their systems.

Heating and cooling system

The Challenge

Wenger Energie consists of four companies each focused on a different aspect of the business like dealing with components, integrating systems and delivering services for the integrated systems. The goal was to use flexible business software where the individual needs of the different companies could be satisfied. It is also important to mention that all the business processes from customer relationship management to accounting needed to be implemented within the business software:

  • Party management
  • Leads and opportunities
  • Quotes and invoicing with real products and services
  • Project management with all the relations to other companies involved
  • Maintenance organisation for the employees
  • Accounting (bookkeeping)

The Solution

It was decided to use Tryton as the platform as most of the functionality could be provided by existing modules including the special Swiss accounting and efinance modules available on

Tryton's flexible and reliable framework allowed the remaining custom features to be easily added. Because Wenger Energie works in a team with other specialists, an important requirement was to be able to manage all the companies involved in a project. Therefore, a special module was developed that keeps all parties together for a certain project, starting from the quote until the end of the project.

The Implementation

As they had no existing business software we started with a clean slate. Parties and products were imported from CSV format files. Accounting was set up for the 4 companies. As is normally the case, the most time-consuming task was laying out the forms so they corresponded to the corporate identity of the companies.


Employee with thumb up

Two years after implementation the big question to the employees was

- Are you happy with Tryton?
- Yes, we are.

So many of the day to day challenges were made easier to overcome. Lots of tasks could be automated. Life got easier and the administration overhead got smaller. Tryton demonstrated that it is a flexible and expandable framework and that it is a great fit for businesses that are made up from multiple companies. It also showed how some tricky features can be integrated without spending a lot of money.


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